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Blog Not Dead, I’m Just Going on Hiatus

Greetings Everyone,

Today I’d like to make the announcement that I’m going on Hiatus for awhile. I can’t give an exact time frame for when I’ll return, but it’ll be awhile. For awhile now I just haven’t felt the passion that I used to feel as with a gaming drought has come a less severe but never the less more horrific art drought so finding images to upload daily became difficult to say the least and with no game, anime series, or anything to inspire me lately  it’s been more work than a joy. Though seeing everyone love what I’ve dug up and share in my passion is something that I will always enjoy.

Then my doubts about using Tumblr as a platform to go forward have nagged me for awhile. Tumblr isn’t perfect and lacks an ability to interact with my followers in a way that I would truly love to do and lately it seems that Tumblr might be becoming irrelevant to more people meaning I can’t reach the maximum audience that I’ve wanted to achieve. Though I’m not a greedy jerk, I’m grateful for every follower and every like that this blog receives as without you, this wouldn’t be any fun and if it isn’t fun they why bother?

So while I’m gone I’m going to try and get my passion back, perhaps a few weeks off will do me some good, and I’ll be thinking of where I want to take this from here. Yes at one time I wanted to do let’s plays, but my jackass internet company saw fit to ruin that with limiting our bandwidth and providing a crappier service than usual leaving my videos looking below my standard when uploaded.

If you have any questions feel free to ask (in reply, or direct ask me), but you can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ and we can talk about gaming, anime, or whatever. So everyone keep being awesome and I’ll see you again.

Note: I may occasionally post art, memes, or various awesome stuff I find here, but until I make a post saying I’m back from my Hiatus, just interpret this as a spur of the moment deal.

Day of Mourning and My Birthday

Today is our 27 chicken flock was decimated by coyotes and has been bumped down to only 4 birds. All our new flock, a colorful bunch of playful birds are dead (unless one or two wonder back but it’s unlikely, they were just exterminated), and the majority of our older flock are dead.

Given this development I just don’t feel like investing time to update the blog for tomorrow, so I’m going to declare it a day of morning for my animals and I hope you will all understand.

The next day is my Birthday, so I’ll also be taking that day off as well from blogging to relax a bit, so there probably won’t be anything till Friday. Thanks for the understanding and everyone have a great time.

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